10 Best Dining Chair Cushions

A dining chair cushion is basically a pad specifically designed to provide you comfort when you have to sit on wooden chairs or chairs made out of hard materials. A good chair cushion not only provides you with comfort but also helps you maintain a good posture while sitting. There are several things that you need to keep in mind before you set out to buy a chair cushion that best suits your needs.

Not knowing these can leave you confused and unsure about your purchase. We have compiled a list of the best dining chair cushions that are available in the markets and are our best picks when it comes to buying these. Along with this, we have also attached a comprehensive guide where we have listed all the factors you need to consider when you go for cushion shopping. This article also answers some common FAQs regarding the product at the end of it.

Best Dining Chair Cushions Reviews

1. Sweet Home Memory Foam Chair Cushion

This delightfully comfy chair cushion comes in a Microfiber Polyester Cover with a Memory Foam Polyurethane Filling which is the best kind of cushion filling out there. Find yourself a soft spot to sit on with these Sweet Home cushion collections which have been specially designed to stay in place and not slide off. These cushions are available in packs of 2, 4, 6, and 12. Adding to your home décor, these cushions are available in a wide range of 14 different colors to suit your décor style.

These cushions are perfect for any kind of chair be it metal or wooden and come in a honeycomb design that gives them a classy and elegant look. These cushions are strong, durable, and are easily washable in a washing machine. With their curved corners, each cushion measures 16” x 16”.

  • Durable and strong
  • Great quality material used
  • Do not slip when you adjust yourself
  • Come in a wide range of colors and designs
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Does not come with chair ties

2. GoodGram Memory Foam Dining Chair Cushions

This premium quality dining chair cushion comes with the best quality memory foam filling and an ultra-soft chenille surface made out of 100% polyester. This chair cushion is suitable for your dining rooms, living rooms, or even outdoors. However, it is not recommended to keep it out for too long.

These wonderful GoodGram cushions can be used on any chair surface and are completely slip-free so that you can support your rear end as well as maintain a good posture while sitting for long periods of time. The dimensions of each cushion are 16 x 16 inches and they are available in a wide range of colors. To clean the cushions, just wipe the surface of the cushion with a damp cloth or use a hand vacuum.

  • Encourages good posture
  • Super comfortable
  • Non-skidding backing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Do not come with chair ties
  • Padding could have been thicker

3. Milliard Memory Foam Seat Cushion Chair Pad

The Milliard Memory Foam cushion has been specially designed out of the best quality material to provide you better comfort when you sit in a chair for long hours. This classy and elegant cushion comes in the color black and in a square shape of dimensions 18 x 16 x 3 inches.

The Milliard Memory Foam cushion uses a high density and superior memory foam filling and is made out of breathable material which gives it its durability and strength. The cushion uses a mesh cover that is zippable and comes off easily so that it is washable. If you sit on your hard chair for too long, this chair cushion is the best thing you can get for yourself! It will help to maintain your posture and provides you stability.

  • Removable cover
  • Thick filling ensuring a good padding
  • Highly durable
  • Designed to perfectly contour your body
  • Washable
  • Does not come with chair ties
  • Prone to slipping around

4. Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor Bistro Cushion

Greendale cushions come in a wide range of modern prints and designs to suit your home décor and contemporary styles. These round cushions come with chair ties as well that hold them in place and prevents them from slipping about.

These Greendale cushions are fade as well as water-resistant with a UV coating on the material which makes them perfect for outdoors. Along with this, the fabric is also stain resistant which makes these cushions completely weather-resistant, making them suitable for your yards, lawns, balcony chairs, and more.

These versatile cushions come with a poly fiberfill which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that have been discarded after use. These super comfy cushions have extra stuffings for more comfort and durability.

  • Comes with chair ties to keep the cushion in place
  • Available in a wide range of colors and patterns
  • Fade and water-resistant
  • Environmental friendly
  • Weather-resistant
  • The extra filling can make the cushions a little uncomfortable for stools

5. Pillow Perfect Dining Seat Cushions

These made in US chair cushions come in dimensions of 19 x 19 x 5 inches and are made out of 100% polyester. Available in a variety of assorted shapes sizes and patterns, these cushions have been specially designed for your comfort and nothing else. These Pillow Perfect cushions are rich in style and elegance which will surely pop up your interior home décor!

These comfy dining chair cushions are water as well as fade-resistant and are made out of recycled polyester which makes them environment friendly as well as highly durable and strong.  To clean the cushions, avoid washing them in washing machines and try to clean them with your hand using a mild detergent and cold water. After having spot cleaned, air-dry the cushions to preserve their plushness, rich texture, and comfort. The weather-resistant feature of these comfortable chair cushions makes them perfect for outdoors as well as indoor use.

  • Water and fade resistant
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Value for money
  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Do not come with chair ties

6. junovo Premium Sheepskin Seat Cushion

This 100% premium faux fur Junovo chair cushion comes in a small size with the dimensions of 14 x 14 inches. These round and fluffy cushions are available in a range of colors to suit your home décor while also providing you with the most luxurious experience.

This faux fur cushion comes with a 2.8-inch fur pile that provides the user with the softest, most comfortable experience. This versatile cushion can also be used as a rug, seat mat, chair cover, etc., and is completely machine washable. To remove dirt from this plush chair cushion, just brush it and remove the dirt. You can also fluff it up this way to maintain its plushness.

  • Extremely pleasant and soft to touch
  • Great for small chairs and stools
  • Can be used for many purposes
  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Does not come with chair ties
  • Might attract pet hair

7. Klear Vu Overstuffed Best Dining Chair Cushions

These chair cushions are made out of 41% acrylic, 39% polyester, and 20% polypropylene. Each chair cushion comes in the dimensions of 15 x 15 x 3 inches and is made out of a mix of durable fabric with a rich texture so that straining your body due to long hours of sitting never becomes an issue. This product is available in three classy colors – natural, chocolate, and green – to suit your home décor.

The fabric of this dining chair cushion is easy to clean and maintain which makes it perfect for everyday use at your homes. These comfy cushions come with a gripper backing which is good for your sitting. These grippers ensure that the cushion stays in its place without slipping while in use.

  • Rich texture and feel
  • Furniture friendly gripper backing ensures position safety of the cushion without chair ties
  • Cloud filling for ultimate comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Rich texture and fabric feel
  • Flattens after prolonged use

8. COTTON CRAFT Red- Multi Salsa Stripe Chair Pad

Cotton Craft chair cushions are made out of 100% cotton. The filling of these cushions is 100% polyester. Each cushion measures 17 x 17 inches with a thickness of 3 inches excluding the chair ties. Available in a range of colors and designs, these chair cushions can be a comfortable addition to your rocking chairs, dining chairs, patio chairs, etc., and will definitely enhance your room’s interior design by complementing the furniture.

These comfy and cool chair cushions come with 12 inches long chair ties to keep them from slipping around while you sit on them. Each cushion has been specially designed for added durability and strength. Along with this, these cushions are easy to clean and take care of with the recommended cleaning technique.

  • Come with chair ties to keep cushions in place
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy, comfortable, and attractive
  • These cushions are for indoor use only

9. Ellington Home Non-Slip Memory Foam Seat Pads

Ellington chair cushions come with luxurious and high-quality memory foam filling which provides durability and comfort. This makes these cushions a must-have for your dining chairs, patio chairs, stools, etc. These cushions have a rich, embossed texture and come with a bound stitched finish which gives them their durability and strength. The dimensions of the product are 17 x 16 x 1 inch.

These durable cushions come with chair ties that can help you attach the cushions in their place so as to avoid them from skidding around. Being easy to clean and maintain, these cushions can be spot cleaned when you find them dirty.

  • Comes with chair ties to avoid skidding
  • Very soft and plushy for added comfort
  • Value for money
  • Are not too thick or thin
  • Come with a white color base that leads to a “slip-showing” effect
  • Prone to flattening after long periods of use

10. Barnett Home Decor Dining Chair Cushion

Barnett cushions are made out of 100% cotton which makes them breathable and super comfortable for when you have to sit on chairs for an extended period of time. The dimensions of these cushions which have been specially designed for premium comfort are 15 x 17 x 2.5 inches.

These trendy cushions feature latex foam fill which ensures additional comfort and does not let the cushions become flat even after being in use for a long period of time. The cushions come with a lock stitch and triple stitch finish that gives it its strength and durability. These cushions are meant to last. Additionally, Barnett cushions come with a filling made out of 100% pre-consumer recycled material.

  • Cushions come with chair ties to keep them in place
  • Filling does not let the cushions go flat even after prolonged usage
  • Reversible sides
  • Quality construction with triple-stitch finish
  • Environment friendly
  • Are a little bit pricey

So those were the best dining chair cushions. A lot of times, your perfect chair does not come with a chair cushion and after some time, you might feel the need to buy a chair cushion to add some luxurious comfort to your chair, be it a dining chair, your sofa, a patio chair or even a stool. Along with that, chair cushions can also add to your home décor by being a great accessory to your room, making it look cool, comfy, and classy.

It is imperative to know that dining chair cushions come in a variety of thicknesses, shapes, and sizes and could be made out of different kinds of fabrics which can easily confuse buyers. This is why it is important to have a clear idea of what exactly you want in a chair cushion before you actually set out to buy it. In the next section, we discuss some features to look for before you buy a chair cushion and also answer some common questions asked by customers.

Factors To Look For When Buying Dining Chair Cushions

Here is a list of everything important that you should keep an eye out for before you step out to buy chair cushions.

1. Padding

Ensure that your chair cushion comes with adequate padding or filling. The more the filling, the more the plushness and comfort. Also, keep in mind that most cushions will flatten out after prolonged usage.

2. Chair Ties or Grippers

Look out for chair ties in your chair cushion. These can come very handy in keeping the position of your cushions fixed onto the chair and prevent it from slipping around. A cushion with grippers or furniture-friendly glued backside also helps.

3. Back Support

Some cushions come specially designed for back support by offering extra cushion to your lower back and the bony regions of your pelvis. They absorb a lot of pressure and can help you sit on them longer without any hassles.

4. Contours

Cushions may also come with indentations on them, making it easier to adjust yourself on them. These indentations are called contours and are basically useful in providing your rear end with maximum support and comfort.

5. Size

The dimensions of a chair cushion are imperative since you do not want a cushion that is too big or too small for your chairs. A cushion should not only fit your chair this way but also be suitable for your height and weight.


1. How thick should foam be for dining chairs?

When we talk about dining chairs, there are many types of padding used for the seats which give them different degrees of durability as well as plushness. Here, we are going to talk about the most common form of padding used on dining chairs, which is foam.

The thing about foam pads is that the perfect one should neither be too thick nor too thin otherwise it could get uncomfortable to sit on the chair. The standard thickness of the foam on dining chairs is around 1.5 to 2 inches of foam. However, we recommend buyers to go for foam that is about 1.75 to 2.5 inches thick. This is recommended because over time with prolonged usage, foam tends to break down and become thinner, thus taking away some of the thickness that it came with when it was bought brand new.

This thinning of foam depends on the density of foam of your chair pad which is why it is always advised to go for foam that is high density and firmer when it comes to buying dining chair cushions or pads.

Any foam that is less thick than 1.5 inches is not recommended since it will flatten out after some time and not serve its function well.

2. How do you measure for dining chair cushions?

Measuring a chair cushion is a pretty simple task. An ordinary inch tape should suffice when it comes to taking down the measurements. Here is a step by step guide on how to measure chair cushions.

  1. Measure the back height of your chair from the top to the bottom of the backrest.
  2. Measure the dimensions of your chair seat which are its seat width and length using the inch tape.
  3. Now, decide the thickness that you want to go for when you buy your chair cushion. The perfect thickness of your cushion should be somewhere around 1.75 to 2.5 inches.
  4.  After choosing your desired thickness for the chair cushion, subtract the thickness of the bottom cushion from the height of the back cushion.

3. How to make chair cushions more comfortable?

There are several ways to make your already comfortable chair cushion more comfortable and, probably, even better than the state you bought it in.

Inserting Foam or Filling To Re-Plump Your Cushions

As we have already pointed out earlier, after prolonged usage, the foam of your cushion starts breaking down and the filling flattens out. In such cases, you can consider re-plumping your cushion with extra foam which can be available in markets in various densities and sizes. If your cushion comes with a filling or is filled with feathers, you can just buy more filling to fill it up and the cushion will be new as before! You can also put more filling in your new cushions to make them extra plushy and comfy.

A Cool New Cover

You can always buy a new, soft cushion cover like one made out of velvet or other smooth fabric or texture so that you feel instantly relaxed when you touch your soft cushion.

A Good Shake

Never underestimate the power of a good shake! Sometimes all your cushion needs is a quick shake and it becomes plump almost instantly. At times, the cushion filling or feathers can get compacted and bundled up which is why a good shake evens out the filling and makes your cushion comfy again.

Remove Hard Decorations

Some cushions come with hard, colorful buttons or even faux diamonds on them as pieces of decoration. While these may do wonders for your interior décor and may seem like a classy addition to your cushions’ style, they can often suck the comfort out of sitting on these cushions. Your body might not like the hard buttons and diamonds pressing against it for long periods of time. Hence, it would be a good idea to remove these using a seam ripper.

4. What kind of foam is used for dining chair cushions?

For dining chairs, a medium soft foam cushion is recommended usually. This foam can have a 2.8 rating but you can always go for softer foam if you like. However, the softer the foam, the sooner the breaking down of the foam begins. Thus, we recommend the firm or extra firm and high-density foam so that it can manage the wear and tear even after usage over a long period of time. In this aspect, Imperial Comfort or Regal Luxury foam are two of the best that are available out there. These days, chair cushions come with a memory foam filling which is basically a polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. This is usually used in mattresses but companies are using them in chair cushions as well. Memory foam molds to the shape of an individual’s body, thus providing more comfort and support.

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