Best Backpacking Chairs

7 Best Backpacking Chairs Of 2021

Having a way to lounge in the wild can feel a little luxurious at times. When you plan a trip for trekking or camping, all you care about is to pack the most important stuff. It limits the weight of your bag and you can enjoy long hikes with minimum burden on your back. So, when it comes to keeping a chair for your camp, most people choose to ignore it because of obvious reasons.

Backpacking chairs have lifted the camping game and saved you from sitting on the cold or dirty ground. They are light-weight and they don’t occupy much space in your packing. Besides, it is worth carrying these chairs to your camping site to have an option to chill in your chair. These are good for sitting beside the campfire, perform your skills, reading, or even basking in the sun on a cold winter morning. We are guiding you in your pursuit to get the best gear for your trip. Here are the DIY best backpacking chairs to make your travel companion.

Best Backpacking Chairs For Outdoor Leisure

1. MARCHWAY Camp Chair


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Starting this list by mentioning one of the best backpacking chairs, here is a lightweight camping chair by MARCHWAY. It is compact enough to fit in your bags and an average-sized bag can store 4-5 of them. Despite being this compact there is no comprise in comfort. A person up to 250lbs of weight can relax in this chair and it weighs only 2 pounds. It has a classy look that makes it ideal for outdoors, fishing, trekking, camping, and sports event.

The material of the chair provides promising durability as it is made up of ripstop Cordura Nylon. It is dense and even after long use does not wear and tear. The support poles are made-up of anodized aluminum which is aircraft grade. It means that you need not worry about durability as it can bear extreme weather conditions without rusting or fading. You do not have to worry about losing the poles anywhere because they are attached and bound together with elastic.

You can quickly unfold this tent-style chair. Shake the black plastic joints so that the poles come in order and then put the poles in the pole pockets. The breathable sitting net gives you a relaxing experience, especially in warm weather conditions. This one is available in 8 different colors including camouflage.

2. Trekology YIZI GO Portable Chair

Trekology YIZI GO Portable Chair

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Trekology has many products for people who are into the outdoor lifestyle. The budget of this Trekology backpacking chair might not be that pocket friendly, but the quality of the chair is worth it. The older version was also suitable for a great camping experience. This upgraded version is 15% lighter than the last one with 1 cm more seat height from the ground. The breathable mesh in the side ensures you don’t feel the humidity in summers.

It is a simple yet stylish chair that comes in 5 dark colors. You can fold it and fit it in your bag, having a weight of just 2 pounds. The lightweight makes it easily portable without compromising with the build material. It’s a strong chair, capable of lifting up to 300 pounds. They have made sure it doesn’t lose its shape easily. The durability of this chair is probably the best among the backpack chairs you get in this range. The poles are made with strong aluminum alloys and the fabric of the seat is engineering grade 600D polyester. You can wash the chair in the washing machine.

This camping chair can be quickly set up within seconds if you follow the steps. All poles are attached and after placing them correctly, put the fabric in the frame. You do not even require an extra accessory for the set-up. Trekology also makes sand covers for the chair that saves your chair from submersing in sand or snow. But the sand covers are sold separately.

3. Rock Cloud Ultralight Camping Chair

Rock Cloud Ultralight Camping Chair

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When looking for chairs that won’t increase your manifold, Rock Cloud portable camping chairs give a tough fight. This is lightweight, durable, and all that at a reasonable price. The chair can be folded into a small bundle that can be put in the bag they provide. The weight of the chair i.e. 1.98 lbs is light enough to be hanged on your tour backpack. People ranging from campers, beach tourists and sportsperson prefer this type of chair. However, the look of the chair is rather simple.

The quality fabric of the net is 900D Oxford which is a little lower on the scale if we compare it to 600D Polyester. But if you are not looking for a heavy-duty chair, you should go for this one for its quality and price. This too can be folded and unfolded quickly like the above two camping chairs in this list. The rope ring connects all the poles and makes the assembling easy. You get to spend more time chilling and just a few seconds in making that set-up. The load capacity of the aluminum frame chair is around 260 lbs. The fabric is waterproof and the poles are rust-resistant.

4. Tinya Backpacking Chair

Tinya Backpacking Chair

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Tinya backpacking chair is an ultra-lightweight and multifunction chair suitable for use in all kinds of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and camping. The look of the chair is decent but you won’t get many options in the colors. They are available in a wide variety but the color is different only on the frame. The main part i.e. sitting mesh net is black colored. If you want to stand out, there is a camouflage print available in 3 color combinations.

This backpacking chair weighs 2lbs which is light enough to be carried without any trouble. You should not go with this chair if your load is going to be more than 230 pounds. However, they have ensured all the durability of the net and good strength of the aluminum poles frame. The poles are made up of 7075 aviation-grade aluminum with impressive strength.

For setting up the chair, you go through 4 easy steps. Unfold the stand and insert the poles in the plastic part of the chair! Make sure all the location points are stable and relax in the backpacking chair. The toughness of the chair comes from fine grade 900D Oxford fabric. The mesh nets allow the passage of air through the back and sides to remain breathable in humid weather conditions. The joints are well connected without leaving the scope of an accident. The legs have a non-slip grip for stability in surfaces like concrete and marble.

5. MOON LENCE Outdoor Folding Chairs

MOON LENCE Outdoor Folding Chairs

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MOON LENCE backpacking chair is another, above-average capacity product that promises durability, safety, and comfort. The material is of the quality you find common in this price range i.e. 600D Oxford fabric. It can lift to 242 pounds without going through wear and tear for a long time. Here also, the different color options are only for the aluminum frame and sides of the seat. The main seat comes in black color.

The ergonomic seat design of the chair can give you a comfortable sitting. There are mesh nets in the back and side of the foldable chair for enhancing the seating experience in summers. There is no worry of it getting wet in the rainy season as the cloth is waterproof. It is easy to clean with just soap water. All parts of the chair can be packed in its bag. While using the chair, you can hang the bag at the bottom so that you do not forget it somewhere.

Setting up the chair doesn’t require any prior experience. You don’t even require another person to set it up. Just open the stand and place the poles in their sections. This camping chair is for comfortable sitting and doing low effort work. You can’t sit on it and draw or paint. But they are recommended for a relaxing reading experience.

6. Sportneer Backpacking Chair For Big Guys

Sportneer Backpacking Chair For Big Guys

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Planning an outdoor trip in nature or a sports trip in the city-skirts? Here is a good load capacity, decent sized backpacking chair for your distant picnics. Though most of the qualities of the chair resemble the previous chairs, the thing that sets it apart from others is its weight capacity. Without compromising with the price range, you get a chair that is capable of lifting up to 350 lbs. Despite this weight capacity, the chair isn’t heavy. The 2 pounds (including carry-on-bag) weight makes it a good compact choice for hikers and sportsmen.

The extra load capacity is backed by its strong nylon material and the aluminum frame. The sweat-proof net ensures comfortable and cool sitting in any weather condition. The aluminum shock-cord frame is easy to install within seconds. The legs have non-slip grips for your safe experience on flat surfaces. Even after sitting for hours, it will not lose its shape. You can put the backpacking chair in its carry bag. The carry bag makes the chair easier to carry by hanging or keeping it in the corner of your backpack. If you are looking for a sturdy backpacking chair in the medium price range, then you should consider this one.

7. Helinox Backpacking Chair

Helinox Backpacking Chair

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Discussion of best backpacking chairs can’t be called complete if you do not include a Helinox product. If you have no hesitation in going all-in when it comes to spending money for quality, Helinox chair zero should be on your list. This is perhaps the only backpacking chair that can compete in durability tests with the Trekology YIZI GO portable chair. In terms of portability, this one is much ahead with a weight of just 1.2 pounds. However, its weight carrying capacity of 265 lbs is slightly lower than YIZI GO’s capacity of 300 lbs.

The material of the seat is the same in both the chairs i.e. high-grade polyester fabric. It is a rip-stop, UV-resistant fabric that does not get damaged in access sunlight or other climatic conditions. The DAC Aluminum alloys show some promising strength in supporting the stability in your sitting. The carry bag and the seat are easy to wash through a machine or mild soapy solution. Like other chairs, placing the chair for sitting is quite easy. After complete setup, the seat height goes around 7.5 inches which is uplifting enough for most outing conditions. Due to its light-weight, and easy portability, this is one of the best-rated backpacking chairs on Amazon.

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So, these were the 7 best backpacking chairs to choose from the most portable and lightweight segment. Getting a good backpacking chair is a big relief for people who are too much into outdoor leisure. Some brands of the chair like Helinox also offer additional accessories like the sand cover, cup holder, rocking feet, etc. If you choose those specific brands you will have more options to add to your luxury.

The overwhelming portability of these chairs allows you to carry your good without saving extra space for a chair. In normal usage, most of these chairs are made to last. But the Trekology YIZI GO and Helinox chair zero will run longer in this race. Sportneer backpacking chair is the one that wins it, in terms of weight capacity.

How To Choose The Best Backpacking Chair For Yourself

Camping and adventure ask for products that can survive tough environments. The best backpacking chairs in this list stand good on most of the parameters. But it is advisable to hunt for a chair that satisfies all your requirements. Here are a few things to look for before buying a backpacking chair.

  • Built-material and durability: The fabric of the chair have to be rip-resistant to handle tough usage. Currently, most of the chairs are either built from Oxford fabric of rugged polyester. The polyester ones are more durable than the former. But if you are not a frequent user, the Oxford fabric is nothing less than perfect. They are pocket-friendly as well. The pole frame has to handle the whole weight of yours. Only high-grade alloys can do justice to this task.
  • Price Range: Talking of pockets, you should decide how much you can afford to spend on your backpacking chair. A decent chair should cost you around 35 dollars. If you have no bar for budget, your options are open to spending on the additional accessories.
  • Seat height and ground clearance: Tall people with big torso won’t be comfortable in chairs that can’t hold them properly. Apart from that, the seat height from the ground needs to suit the environment where you will use the chair. A chair with low height will not be a good idea for beaches, desserts, and uneven terrains.
  • Portability: You can’t miss on other stuff and you have to carry the chair too. Now, there are two things to look for when it comes to checking the portability of the bag. The packed size after folding the chair should be decent enough to fit in the limited space. Secondly, the lesser the weight, the easier it is to carry it around.
  • Set-up: The camping tents take too long to assemble, and then there are other camping stuff to do like cooking, relaxing, bird-watching, enjoying, etc. So, the best experience will be with the chair which doesn’t take longer than a minute. Also, if the chair requires an extra tool to fold or unfold, that isn’t an ideal portable chair.
  • Weight Capacity: It is easy to be fooled with a low-grade material that can’t even bear 200 pounds. Such chairs will eventually give up after a few sittings. Weight capacity is a very important factor while choosing the best backpacking chair for you. Only a strong chair will be able to accommodate a relaxing person who has thrown all his weight on the chair.
  • Comfort: None of these bags have padded seats because that is what you have to compromise for portability. However, there is no point in getting a chair that doesn’t provide a comfortable sitting. It will defeat the whole purpose of chilling and relaxing on your chair. These chairs do provide an enjoyable experience but if you are looking for out of the way comfort, you can consider bigger camping chairs.
  • Color: If you are a bird-watcher or nature photographer, you can’t afford to distract or attract the wild-life with the color of your chair. Before choosing the color, you should determine the places where you will use the chair and choose accordingly. There are options to buy the camouflage print for usage in wild. A funky colored chair will look good at the beach.
  • All-weather: Camping and hiking usually take place in terrains that are not favorable for normal climatic conditions. You need to check if your backpacking chair offers resistance against water, rips, and sun rays.

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